Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Morning walk

Oh dear, I thought I had done this yesterday, oh well, this was Monday mornings walk (it was a long week end), two views of the same group fishing near the Inman River mouth. I was swearing about the camera as the new digital was hopeless again as I cant see a thing through the LED on the back I do hope that the camera companies come to their senses and put view finders back on them. They are fine for anything but bright out door sunlight.
Any way we had a nice walk after I had had an awful night and early morning with John's pasta repeating on me and almost hadnt walked but I am so glad I did as it was lovely.
Oh dear I lost half this post so I will tell you about today which was a funeral for a friends 97 year old father over at Pt Elliott, a nice funeral and a lovely little church. But I had a great morning as the local craft store had a 50% off sale, Rivers had an opening sale and the op shop next to the church was open and for about $10 I got a lovely old teapot, a scarf, some lace, two buckles, a book to alter if i feel like it and some hook and eyes on their original old cardboard. I was so pleased with myself.

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