Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fuschia gum and me

We went to Adelaide today and had hair cuts and John thought I was worth photographing, I am not sure that I am but here I am with 'done' hair. Some how I dont think I look as old as that, but obviously I do.
I saw my mother and then we had lunch at McLaren Vale and this lovely fuschia gum had flowers on it, actually the tree istelf looked pretty tatty but the flowers are lovely, a Western Australian it grows well on alkaline soils so doesnt like me.
I think I got taken to lunch because this morning John managed to break two of my collection of owls and I was pretty cross, I mean how can you put a towel away about 4 feet from where he managed to break them on a shelf at about 5 feet high. I think he must have swung it around at great speed. I rather like my owl collection as they come from all sorts of people and I know who most of the people who gave them to me are. I know one that was broken I had bought myself and think one of my daughters gave me the other one.


Doreen G said...

I think you look pretty good Penny and a nice haircut to go with it.

Sequana said...

That's a lovely pic of you...*S*

You know, the owls are only "things" and John is a special person to you. However, you did get a lunch.....*L*

I'd say forget about it now.

jenclair said...

I agree. A lovely photo in a beautiful setting!