Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy 95th Birthday

Here is my mother at 95 cutting her birthday cake. My niece Amy is to her left and my niece in law Cathy is on her right.
We had a great day, Mummy managed it very well and was thrilled with all her presents and all the attention.
None of my children could make it but they all sent cards and flowers or something.
A long trip to Adelaide for us and home again and we have to do it all again tomorrow. Ghastly weather at the moment, dust, wind and heat but we are supposed to get rain soon. I hope so.


Doreen G said...

My goodness Penny your Mum sure looks great.

Penny said...

She does look pretty good doesnt she.

verobirdie said...

You are sure you mother is 95? She looks to great and pretty.
Say happy birthday to her on my behalf :-)

Gail P. said...

I have to agree! She looks fabulous for 95! Good to see a pic of her!