Saturday, October 20, 2007

Flower power

I promised a photo of my clematis and here it is, I was so pleased with it and the number of flowers on it this year, a bit hidden but those who know have seen it.
I have had a day of playing today, I finally got some new transfer paints and had another go at using them and loved the idea that Digital Gran had of using paper flowers to decorate on fibre and stitch. I only did a bit as this was an experiment but it is fun.
I also had a go at sun prints but I think my fabric needs more on it, and the paints I used didnt come out very dark so I have very faint lizard shapes from some plastic lizards I have.
It is really hot here again today, you would think it was mid summer and not October. I had hoses on early but too hot now to use them.
I am about to go and paint some washers John bought me this morning with the pebeo vitreus(?) paints as I saw in a Cloth Paper and scissors of a few months ago.

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