Saturday, October 13, 2007

Embellishing fabric

Purple Missus had a bit on her blog about using velvet and organza on the embellishing machine so i thought I would have a try, green velvet, no idea what sort, but not panne, painted vliesofix, snippets of threads and organza with organza on top, oh and some foiling in the middle, embellished on top and then added strips of different coloured organza embellished from the back. It really didnt look like much so I distressed it a bit with the heat gun, now for some more thread play on top, I am thinking of using the flower stitch foot, I will see.
the foal born yesterday appears to have a growth on its neck, you always find these things over week ends, but I think it is not growing so we will see what the vets say on Monday, when of course I will be in Adelaide.
Poor Sarah will have the job I suppose, she wont be pleased.

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