Sunday, October 28, 2007

Waterhouse Club Picnic

Today was the Museum's fundraising arm, the Waterhouse Club's Picnic, always an event to go to and wait to see what wonderful things will be found for people to buy and speakers to listen to.
the first is my plastic fruit bat that I bought and who was part of our table's center piece and the second photo is of the roof of the marquee we were in and part of the table decoration, minus my bat. They had cleverly put bat outlines all over the roof.
It was a wet and wild and woolly day and we were late getting up there, mostly because John was trying to reorganise water from one tank to another as we had had rain and were expecting more.
Anyway we arrived and the theme was 'A touch of bat black' and the speaker was the museums authority on bats, he had two live ones with him, a fruit bat who we dont exactly have here,yet, although a few have been seen and no doubt more will arrive as Melbourne has a thriving bat colony in their botanical gardens. the other was one of the tiny ones and they are quite rare but have the most extraordinary male appendiges, no idea why but we had sculptures of them. they were to be auctioned but not the live bats.
So that was my day today, I didnt drink the food was good but I drove home through the wind and the rain. the car said the outside temperature was 8 degrees, its cold.

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