Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another small cardigan

This little cardigan is finally finished, I have been a bit slower on these and apart from a few pairs of bootees I think I have almost finished the knitting for the moment.
I want to do some other stuff and with Christmas not far off I have to get onto the things I make for that.
We had a lovely rain 13 mm and it is still cool and damp. A bit late for crops but never too late to put water in the tanks.
I have Tabby and the girls coming for dinner tonight so have to be a bit more organised than I normaly would be.
Thank you to every one who told me what the odd little tool I had found was for, it is as I suspected for rug making and is a punch needle tool. You never know, I may make a rug for the dolls house!

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Lynnem said...

Hi Penny,
I just came across your blog & was admiring your art. Are you still painting? the reason I ask is that I have a Painting tour to Italy next year & thought you, or someone from your art/craft classes may be interested in joining us. If you would like to have a look at the details, please go to my website www.tourstrategies.com & let me know what you think

Kind regards
Lynne Maharey