Friday, October 12, 2007

the cot quilt

Well it is finally finished and I dont want any criticism from any of the quilters out there. This is as good as my quilting gets!
I had a busy day, another foal this morning, a trip into Victor for the weeks shopping, a friend out for the afternoon, a phone call from Robin in McKay (playways) and from Alison in Canberra( 5 kms from home) who is waiting for her sister to have a baby and then we can meet. I am looking foreward to it.
My sister rang who is just back from the most incredible trip half way around the world in a small plane, she loved it but didnt want to come home.
Then John walked in from a Doctors appointment with a new digital lcd tv which took ages to set up and now we dont know what we are doing and the screen although small (or so he assures me) looks huge.
Feel confused, so am I.


Doreen G said...

The quilt look good to me and in my favourite colours together--bright green and pink
Lucky baby

Sequana said...

I'm a quilter, and it looks just beautiful to me.....*S*

katelnorth said...

What's to criticise? Not only is it very pretty, it's FINISHED!