Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pt elliot today, after the big rain and storms

We had to go over to Pt Elliot so decided to walk (a walk at last!) along the cliff path there. So much foam on the rocks and big seas again. We couldnt do the usual full walk as they are repairing the path. Coming around the other way I saw these lovely red flowers on the very battered looking pine trees. I am not sure what this pine is. but it looked very bright where every thing else was dull. We have had so far for September 131 mm and we are only half way through, for the 4 days this week we had 94.8 mm and this morning we took out 40.8 mm. We are an official weather bureau rain recorder, not quite a record. Apparently some one had a head on accident on the main bridge on the valley road this afternoon, not sure who or what, it is a single lane bridge so some one wasnt paying attention. There has been a lot of debris on the road which has been cleaned up, but also lots of new pot holes and by the side of one of our creeks that run under the road there has been a rather large area of wash away. Luckily our floods tend to go down quite quickly although there was still water lying in the lower lying ground. So glad we live where we do and not next to the creek. I am slowly sewing and stuffing my little knitted bear. Double click to enlarge any photos.


Barry said...

P - looks like you were fortunate too be able to walk in such beauty given the rain your having - stay dry - and may the rain be useful to you and the land. Go well. B

Robin Mac said...

Always sad to see flooding, but you should be well set up for the summer this year. We are getting lots of rain in western Qld as well - they say droughts are usually broken with winter rains so here's hoping.