Friday, September 09, 2016

After a wild night

Huge thunderstorms, pouring rain and then this morning, a lovely day. I am still feeling a bit off, not sure if it is pills or a bug but whatever it is I am slow. The first photo is a lovely native dendrobium x in the sun room and another in the shade house. Five hens and five eggs this morning. After shopping a short and slow walk on the beach, just to try and blow some cobwebs away. I think we had abut 20 mm in about 1/4 hour last night. John was at a meeting and had to come home through it, he said it was scary as it was so hard to see and gutters in the town were overflowing every where.


Penny said...

Sounds like quite a storm. I suspect, if your area is like others, that the rain was badly needed - especially as you go into spring/summer.

Barry said...

P - rain is good - but rain in storms can be a bit challenging. Love the light on the orchid - beautiful. Hope you are feeling better. B