Monday, September 05, 2016

An adventure

I really wasnt sure I wanted to go this morning, I get so tired easily and am no where near as sure of myself as I once was but once we were under way, off to the Adelaide Royal Show, I didnt see any ponies but I saw the flowers and plants, my nephew with a lovely dog he was showing, the poultry section and a lot of people, it is the people who worry me most as if my shoulder (the repaired one) is bumped it hurts, any way we managed the train without too much trauma, going home I had a seat with a lovely view of the sea and houses, I love trains and going in it was crowded, coming home it was almost empty. ?We bought a hamburger and has it sitting looking at the beach at Moana and came home via Hindmarsh Valley but saw these vines and the hills near Sellicks. A lovely tiring day.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I always love your pictures as they are from the direct opposite season from ours. I do know that feeling of not having as much confidence as one used to have - I find the only thing to do is to fight it all the way.

Penny said...

Beautiful succulents in the first picture! It seems to take more out of me these days to take jaunts like that or be gone all day but after its over I'm always glad I made the effort.

Robin Mac said...

What a lovely day you had in the end Penny. I always loved the poultry at the show, but I haven't even been to our local show for many years now. Sorry you are still having pain from your shoulder. Cheers