Sunday, September 25, 2016

Back to walking

We had a lovely walk this morning on the cliff top from Kings Beach car park. Although I had a sleepless night and was feeling the after affects of the last four days it was still glorious. Small birds darting around, frogs croaking and the odd flying beetle that I didnt recognise. I have felt as if a steam roller has gone over me for most of the day, but I have done some important jobs like washing some clothes, general clean up, watered my indoor pots, done a small shop and gone over to Tabby to see the lovely black cob stallion she bred and who has come home to her. I also collected a few fertile eggs as I have a black hen sitting. I am a bit worried that I have been a bit late getting these but time will tell.


Barry said...

Hi P - so glad you are back to walking - and what beautiful vistas. Go well. B

Penny said...

Its good to hear that you're able to be up and about. Lovely pictures as always!

Robin Mac said...

Looks like your eather is imptoving at last. Lovely photos of you walk, hope you got the eggs in time. Cheers