Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Freezing cold and dripping rain

Low cloud and so cold. In to have my stitches out, a long wait as the surgery was busy, the little nasty was a skin cancer but they assure me they got it all, the second one, I wonder what else is on my body that I cant see.I took this photo on the way home, we call them the duck ponds, they are on the start of the Inman Valley straight and they have struggled to fill since some one tried to dig them out but this year, here they are, and overflowing. There is water every where. We havent had such good soil filling rains for many years. Being unable to go out yesterday we had the house cleaned and washing done and in the dryer, I try not to use the dryer very much but there was no way anything would dry yesterday. So cold, here where my computer is it is like an ice house, back to the warmth in a minute. My little knitted bear is slowly coming together.


Suztats said...

Glad to read they got it all out. We've been having some nice rains- a bit late for the gardens, but still nice to have after a summer drought. Stay warm.

Penny said...

Hmmm cold weather sounds delicious to me right now -- at least its cooling down a bit after our long hot summer!

Robin Mac said...

Love the photo. You must be really thrilled with all the rain this winter - shame about the freezing weather continuing though.
Glad the nasty is all gone. I am getting one cut off my right wrist tomorrow, so hope I come off with the same result. Cheers