Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Around and about today.

A trip to Adelaide for hair cuts, see my sister and the accountant and home, boy these trips get more tiring. I have been going through the 2007 and 2008 blogs to find photos of the baby blankets I made then. I did an awful lot more then than I seem to fit in now. George always greets us when we get home from his favorite spot by the back door on the washing machine. We are due for some horrid weather about lunch time to morrow and Thursday between 15mm and 40mm of rain and what they are calling storm winds, which are apparently stronger than gale force winds, not looking forward to it so 2 photos of flowering pots that may get wrecked and the little nest the Grey fantasies have been building just outside the kitchen window in the camellia, I just hope it survives, I don't think they have laid any eggs yet. I love the fact that my tablet called them fantasies, but they are actually grey fantails.


Suztats said...

That perch affords a nice view of the gardens for George to enjoy. The flowers look pretty, and I hope the nest survives the storms. Stay dry.

Robin Mac said...

How lucky to have nest so close tat you can warch it easily . That weather looks dreadful, it would be a caregory 2 cyclone up here! Stay safe