Thursday, September 29, 2016

An interesting few hours

The power in most of the state went out a bit before 4 pm yesterday and we regained it around 3 am, Candles and food done on the bbq wet and windy, about another 30 ml of rain and the creek came up again, glad we are on the high side, a big tree down in one of the paddocks. We went for a very quick walk along the cliffs near Petrels Cove and was rather horrified at the number of slips along the cliffs. We went early and were not away for long as the showers are set to increase and so is the wind. Amazing that 22 huge power poles can blow over and put the whole state into darkness. People caught in lifts, in car parks, no petrol, railway station shut down. They seem to think renewable power is the way to go, great when the wind farms are shut down due to high winds and big towers that some how can survive cyclones in Queensland cant here. I know they say it was a mini tornado but honestly. Look at coal powered power stations using new clean technology, not what we are being subjected to now. Sorry rant over, I am just glad we have finished milking, 400 cows not milked would have been a nightmare. Oh yes and in the midst of that we had a very nice Welsh A filly foal born, thank goodness before the power went off a and the mare cleaned and the foal drank while we could still see.


Suztats said...

Sounds like quite a night, Penny. Glad you are safe. The raw power of nature can be frightening.

Robin Mac said...

We were amazed those towers fell over too - Bill says they must not have been to the same structural strength as the ones here in Qld. Even when Yasi hit a few years ago I don't remember towers falling over like that.
Lovely photo of the new foal - a scary time for your daughter with the weather. Are more foals due?