Sunday, September 18, 2016

dendrobium orchids

Over the years I have collected quite a number of these orchids and their crosses, they mostly originate from Queensland and NSW here we mostly grow them under protection except for the big specious or rock lily, these are quite spectacular with some growing into huge plants. In summer they go under a big cedar tree and in winter on the front terrace next to the house. There are now some wonderful colours in the smaller varieties and a very strong perfume. Yesterday we went up to the show in Adelaide, I wasn't going to buy any more, but. . I don't often buy plants in flower but love a surprise when my small plants get to maturity. A lovely morning yesterday, saw a great exhibition of lino cuts over at Goolwa on the way home as well. Still damp, can't get in to weed the garden.

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Gaby Bee said...

I enlarged the photos to get a better look. Your orchids are a feast for the eyes, Penny! I love them all, but especially the white one in your first photo!

Gaby xo