Saturday, September 10, 2016

Morning walk to Depp's Beach

I did manage to do this walk, still feeling a bit off but it was a lovely morning to walk, although we did have a few drops of unexpected rain as the sun came out. A lot of sand has moved onto the beach here and the yellow everlasting daisies gave a nice splash of colour. Trouble is I get home and just feel like collapsing. I am knitting a bears head, almost finished it but I think I will take a while to do it. I seem to have put on weight, probably too much carbohydrate and not enough walking in this wild weather. Once upon a time I would have walked whatever the weather but now I am rather unsteady on my feet it is safer not too. I also seem to be having a few problems with my eyes. Hope that cataract hasnt decided to grow faster. We had another foal in the night, a huge Welsh B filly, rather lovely although a chestnut, mother is cream and I like the odd cream in the herd. Of course poor S was out there in the rain and the foal was through the fence, she was sure it was a colt but daylight showed us a big strong filly. I have been out to see her which was a lovely break from being inside.

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Suztats said...

Nice photos of your morning walk, Penny. Hope you're back to feeling well, soon.