Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We nearly had a bad fire

The power went off for the second night in a row and in the morning one of the men who works in the dairy said that as he came through to milk there was a power line down and a small fire starting which luckily was put out quickly. It has been cool but we have had some pretty high winds in the last day or so.
Although it wasnt blowing our way it could have beem quite nasty as there are a couple of holiday houses near by who have no one in them at the moment.
I had to go into town to have my toe dressed so took a photo when I came home. The last photo was taken looking at the other side of the valley, all mostly crispy brown and summer dry.
To the north of us there has been some rain but here just cool and windy, so the hoses are on in the garden again.
We were in Adelaide yesterday, my sister seems to be looking better than I thought, it was nice to spend a bit of time with her.
John took me for lunch and a coffee which was lovely and also found me a small bit of France in a new shop that has opened up. I will show that tomorrow.
However we also saw an old friend (and an even older school friend who I hadnt seen since we left school! who was with her,) who told me that my friend whose husband has a brain tumour was back in hospital. There seem to be some good and some bad days, I suppose it is the age we are at. Rang her in a panic as I realised we hadnt spoken for over a week which is unusual but he is home again and we hope all is well.
Such a stressful time for all.
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bunks said...

Scary, glad that you're safe.

Wanda..... said...

Fires can spread so quickly! In a blogging friend's subdivision, her home was one of only 3 left standing, in the Bastrop, Texas wild-fires this past autumn.