Monday, January 30, 2012

Kangaroos and grass trees

With daylight saving not due to end until the end of March I will be walking in the dark soon. The sun wasnt even up this morning as I set off and it was very overcast and almost but not quite damp. Max may have to wait a while in future for his walks.
This morning the mother kangaroo and her joey were a bit upset and ended up in the pony paddock but they did soon work out that they needed to be in the house paddock, the light in the photo is odd, it really was quite early and I had to crop and fiddle with this photo.
The grass trees (or blackboys) up near the top of the hill had flowers spikes up, some over and one new one coming, you can see the misty conditions in the back ground of the photo if youy click and enlarge it.
Tiny blue wrens were out in the garden as I passed and the peacocks were all calling and starting their day, flying down from the high trees they roost in, the males have now mostly lost their tail feathers so were a bit more manouverable in the windy conditions.
I could here one of the Japanese bantam roosters crowing as the day lightened up and a lone black cockatoo flew over head calling.
Peaceful until people started arriving for work or left for work and cars started to head along the road at the bottom of the valley.
Max and I headed for home, moved hoses around and turned them on and then breakfast.
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