Monday, January 09, 2012

This morning around Victor Harbor

We walked the beach at Hayborough this morning, a pretty rough sea and much cooler so not many people and very pleasant walking.
The steam train came through a bit after 11 am, you can see how close to the beach it gets.
Waves were breaking and the sky once more was quite interesting. I think if you double click on this collage you can make it larger.
The old tree has been on the beach for a few years, after a blow like we had last night and yesterday it tends to move around a bit and get uncovered and then covered with sand. To day it was pretty exposed and in a different position to last time we walked this beach.
Adaire was showing up rather nicely over the blocked up mouth of the Hindmarsh and the ti tree and swampy bits. One of the old houses now used as a Christian camp.
On the way home we stopped so I could take a photo of the flowering gums in one of the back streets, unfortunately I was a week too late but you get some idea of what they look like.
Absolutely spectacular when they are fully out. They are a Western Australian eucalypt, but apparently the ones we have here are an older type not easily found any more. Trouble is like all gum trees they tend to cross polinate so dont come true to seed.
I have had a miserable couple of mornings , the dreaded aches are back so have gone up a notch with the meds to see if that makes any difference.
Been rusting cloth and trying to get a few lino cuts made but it all takes time!
Yesterday I made it over to the opening of an art exhibition by two people I know at the wonderful gallery in Yankalilla built by Karen's husband, shaped a bit like a nautilis shell it was where I did the eco dying with India Flint. I bought one of Emanda's lovely necklaces. The exhibition was called Birds of a feather, and was mostly featuring birds. If any one is in Yankalilla it is open until 29th of January and is in the Yarns and fine arts Gallery at the end of Glebe Street (next to the cemetary!)
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Hildred and Charles said...

Hi Penny, - I clicked and the collage got larger so we could really enjoy the pictures of the rough sea and the beach. It has been a number of years since I have seen the ocean, - we have to be content with the lakes that fill the Okanagan Valley from one end to another. Hope your aches go away soon....

Gail P said...

oh my, all of your latest photos of the ocean have me wanting to join you for a long walk. Sometimes I miss living close to the sea; I will again someday, but for now the wide open vistas of the desert are what I need. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year to you!

Wanda..... said...

The sound of the ocean waves and train must be envigorating...great way to start the day, Penny!

Suztats said...

Hope you're feeling better, soon, Penny.

Rowan said...

It looks beautiful but it doesn't look like my idea of summer in Australia! Sounds as though you've been having some health problems, hope they all disappear in 2012. Happy New Year!