Thursday, January 05, 2012

Early morning Encounter Bay

The sun was glinting on the water as we walked. Cooler morning and so very pleasant.
We hadnt walked this way for a while and the tide was out a bit so walking was pleasant as the sea weed was further up the beach. I need flat surfaces at the moment.
Trying to catch up with things. I looked at sewing machines today but nothing available, the old Bernina has decided to work for me thank goodness. My others are up being fixed.
I didnt see my sister as she wasnt quite up to it but rang this evening and they say, not up to taking a phone call but making progress.
Long tiring trip to town, called into the dog pund too but couldnt see anything I thought was what I wanted. John doesnt want another dog but I do, but I will just wait for the right one to come along.
Much more pleasant weather, so I hope to have a good nights sleep. I think I have been pushing myself a bit more than I need to.

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Wanda..... said...

It does look like a pleasant day there, better than here at the moment, but ours is to improve in a few days. I feel back to my normal best, after all the holiday festivities and finally getting back to my routine! Hope your sister and the foot is better soon, Penny!

Suztats said...

Hi Penny. Lovely to see the summer pics, and the sunshine. Do take care of yourself. Hugs

mansuetude said...

lovely images. love how the light fills in the shallow areas, too.

Be gentle on yourself.

Robin Mac said...

I hope your sister doesn't take long to recover, Penny. Did you find your Bernina manual? It is awful not having a sewing machine when you NEED it now! Glad you are able to walk, even if your toe is not letting you paddle. Cheers