Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

As John was one of the Australia Day recipients a few years a go we make a point of going in to the ceremony, held reasonably early in front of the Horse Tram Barn.
This year we seem to have a new Town Cry er who welcomed us in the traditional manner.
There was a large crowd and somehow I missed taking the Mayor who is hidden behind the Town Cr yer but I did get our CEO, who was also John's CEO when he was mayor, seems a long time ago now, nearly 10 years since he decided to retire.
I thought the flags looked nice, better than what we have had before.
First there were the citizenship ceremonies and then the actual awards. Speeches were kept to a minimum thank goodness.
We had a coffee and came home, having got out of our better clothes!
I picked this magnolia flower as a bud last night and it is now out and perfuming the house. They dont last long but are a delight when they finally decide to flower. My first magnolia was grown from a seed and took the designated 21 years to flower, it is not in the best place. This one is the so called faster flowering one and is in a better position. I have just been given another, all variations on grandiflora, although the last one is supposed to be smaller again.
Lastly this is a not terribly good photo (my reflection is there) of the painting I bought at the Rotary Art Show, done by Karen Haymon, it is beautifully done I just wish I could do as well. I am delighted with it. Now to work out where to put it on my overflowing walls.
I will draw my give away tomorrow, not a lot of comments so far and no one wants the doll so I may have to work something out.
Scroll down to see what is there and Good luck!

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Suztats said...

Happy Australia Day, Penny. I didn't know magnolias took 21 years to flower. wow! That's a looong time to wait.

Karen said...

Beautiful flower and the artwork is really good.

Robin Mac said...

Love the painting. I hope the magnolia tree you have just been given doesn't take 21 years to flower - you will never see it!!! Cheers