Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the mail

first my lovely Sentinelle from Dijanne, the first one went awstray in the post, I am so looking forward to stitching her and second I won a give away on elizabeth Woodfords blog of her sun printed fabrics. So lovely to get something in the mail.
My 6th blog anniversary will be on Friday so look for what ever I find for a give away on that day.
I can hardly believe that when I started blogging I had no idea what would open up for me, blog friends all around the world, new places to visit and things to try our. It has been wonderful, I just hope I will be around blogging in another 6 years.
I had a very busy week end, we did very well at the show (SA Welsh Youngstock Show) but I am waiting for my daughter to get me some of the photos. We ended up having the Supreme of show, our rather nice three year old Section B colt. I wasnt there for all of it, a long and tiring drive there and back but I did see one ring.
The next day the judges came to look at our ponies and I organised lunch and then took them over to Tabby to see her cobs.
Just wish I didnt feel tired all the time, today is horrid very hot, screaming north wind and this is the first day of the Tour Down Under and the poor cyclists are heading straight into the north wind with temperatures above 39 degrees C. Horrid.
We are just hoping there are no fires near here.
Off to see what I can offer as a give away.
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ArtPropelled said...

Penny the past week has been so draining here with a few days in the 40's, so I know how you feel. It definitely takes all one's energy. Glad you won the give away!

Robin Mac said...

What a difference a day makes - here on the Sunshine Coast yesterday we had torrential rain and very cold weather, today the sunshine has returned for the last few days of the school holidays! How amazing that you have been blogging for six years - I think I have been following you for about five, I always enjoy your blog. Lovely fabric you won. My sister doing well. Cheers