Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rocks and waves

A wonderful walk this morning, low tide and lots of beach and rocks exposed.
I love the orange lichen on the granite rocks, the beach euphorbia growing in odd places, the sea weed floats washed ashore and above all the roar of the waves breaking on the rocks.
The rest of the day has been spent tidying the guest bedroom and making the bed, vacuuming and cooking. Guest for the week end. What fun, we have an art show to go to tomorrow night.
I am also getting a little bit of fun sewing done, need a lot more stuff to find and things to work out but I am getting there, I think.
Saw my Dr yesterday and we had a bit more of a chat about the medication I am on and I feel a bit happier about it all. He tells me to expect to go up and then down a bit as this wretched polymyalga rheumatica is like that, small things can make me need to go up and then come down and I am the best person to work out how and when. A bit daunting but then at least I am in charge.
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Suztats said...

Nice pics, as usual, Penny. Hope you're feeling well today. Hugs