Saturday, January 07, 2012

Having a bit of fun

I joined Jude Hills class on patchwork beasts and this is my first rather odd attempt at a beast. No where near finished or even if I will finish it but fun to play witha nd see what came out.
Pretty primitive but I think this may be something I play with in the future.
Proportions are not right but as the sewing machines are not working, hand sewing is the go.
Very hot and sticky early this morning, we did managge a walk but the air was best described as 'heavy'. There may be thunderstorms later today too.
I would just love some rain.
At the moment I am relaxing a bit and reading. Not into Jackie Collins but some one gave me a book of hers so I am reading it, light reading!!
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Suztats said...

I think your beastie is funky!