Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two walks, flowers and I won a give away.

I walked Max early this morning again, there was a southerly wind blowing and it was quite cold, more sunrise! The magpies were caroling as I walked back.
I went around the garden turning on hoses and took a few photos, of an early belladonna lily, usually these are out just before the season breaks but they have been very confused over the last few years so i dont hold my breath any more. The big cactus by the house is flowering and the red cedar, having been visited by a zillion butterflies earlier has set seed, loads of seed.
Then we had to go into town to get the papers and mail and so had a quick cold walk along the beach at Encounter Bay, the yacht was back and the sea was roaring as the southerly blew in, the tide had been high and had once more changed the contours of the beach and there were huge lumps of sea weed with roots etc attached along the beach where they had been ripped from the reef.
AND finally, in the mail today came the give away I won from the wonderful Jane LaFazio A copy of her dved, watercolour tubes, a set of pencils, a sketchbook bag, postcards and a Strathmore sketchbook. Oh bliss. I have been wanting a strathmore sketchbook for ages.
Click to enlarge the photos.
I am off to see if I can catch a very naughty hen who jumped the fence and now wont go into her pen for the night.
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virginia said...

Wow, what a wonderful present! How very thoughtful of her. That should set you up for a while to paint even more lovely imaginative things. I tried to comment on your blog of a few days ago when there was a photo of your beautiful folded hills in the sunrise. Somehow it didn't work. Now I'm trying again.

Why is it so cold and windy at the end of January? We have -2° here but sunny and dry. Still prefer summer though!

Lots of love, Virginia