Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buttonhole stitch and rust

Take a Stitch Tuesday this week was buttonhole stitch. I use this a lot but havent had time to go into variations, although I have done those before. Here I had found a felt heart cut out but nothing done to it and in one of my quiet moments it was stitched as well as the pink silk one (although that one has no buttonhole stitch), using a bit of tatting, some lace on the pink one and a scrap of fabric and a button and some easy embroidery on the red one.
I always like to have the odd hearts in my drawer to add onto presents as an extra touch and I must make more as I am running low on them.
I rusted the fabric the other day, the easy way with water and vinegar and steel wool, it almost rusts as you look at it.
I am always using my rusted bits for odds and ends.
A friend is staying and we had a lovely morning fiddling around went back to the art show we went to last night and I bought a lovely little painting, I know I shouldnt but the price was right and I couldnt resist.
I pick it up next Sunday.
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shirley said...

Your little felt hearts are lovely. I like your rust dyeing would like to have a go at there a secret to it or do you just plunge the fabric into vinegar with a rusty piece of metal.

Julie said...

Such pretty hearts, Penny!!! Neat idea...I think these would be so great as package decor, or thrown into the package as an extra. Brilliant!!!

Wanda..... said...

The little heart you gifted me hangs by the word Friends' which is part of a phrase on a plank from an old FRIENDS' ROLLED OATS wooden crate. It hangs on the wall by my computer.

ArtPropelled said...

Perfect little handmade hearts, Penny.
I hope we see your new painting on your blog :-)

Anneliese said...

Shirley gave me your address - how nice your hearts are. I also love to make them and offer them with gifts. Your rust dyeing is super, I did already some pieces but I am always keen to learn how others do it.