Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Early morning walks

Max and I have been out walking by 6.30. Yesterday it was hot and sticky, today much cooler with a touch of damp in the air all day, although nothing to measure in the rain gauge.
I have been asked how Max likes Oscar, well Oscar becomes twice his size when he sees Max and Max hides behind me, so far so good.
Max does do a lot of moaning and howling if he cant see me, I am still telling him he is an outside dog, apart from that he is very good and well behaved. We had Tabby and John and Millie over for dinner the other night, we ate outside and he sat by my feet all night. Not too sure of the others at all.
So we have seen on our walks a roo and her joey, a series of ibis, one strawnecked and the other ordinary white ones. A dead tree full of starlings (wretched things I dont like them.) One of the Welsh Mountain stallions with a little young maiden mare, the lone poplar, and the lovely rush by the dam.
John and I also did a quick walk along the beach and found this ribbon of sea weed.
Last night we went to see Hugo, a fascinating film, described as a childrens film but to my mind a wonderfully photographed brilliant film for all ages. I loved the views of Paris. Although thank goodness our little heritage art deco cinema dosnt have 3D, I dont think I would have survived some of the scenes as I get sick. It is well worth seeing.
I forgot, double click to enlarge the mosaic.
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Hildred and Charles said...

I have seen little bits of Hugo, advertised, and it looks like a wonderful film. We have no theatre in our town, but perhaps it will come out on DVD eventually. Lovely pictures, Penny.