Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new house and more early morning walks

I think you will get sick of seeing the early morning photos, I walk up the hill behind the house, so long as the cows are not there, sometimes up the race but this morning I turned around and came down the other side of the paddock, more starlings in the dead tree, and this morning there were a few clouds turning a lovely pink, it has been threatening a storm all day but unfortunately nothing so far. Several months without rain and the prospects of more similar months can get very depressing. For the first time in two years we have had to tap into the two top rainwater tanks, I just hope I am not told that I cant water the garden any more as happened all through the drought.
Max and I walked down to the road this morning, he hasnt been down there before and then up through the yards so I could turn on the hoses in the orchard, we managed a good half hour or more which is great, I havent been walking at home for so long and it feels really good that the ligament in my knee feels strong enough to negotiate the rough ground.
We went in to have lunch with an old school friend of mine and her partner, we dont catch up terribly often, but when we do we dont stop talking. A lovely lunch and so good to keep in touch.
I made the house this morning, I found the pattern on a blog I think it is called retro mama or some such thing (sorry, I should check it out but I am in a bit of a rush), it is similar to the other houses I drew up and made but had enough little extra bits (love the bird) to make me want to try it.
This as I keep saying is the prototype! A bit rough and ready but I may find time to do some more, certainly I have enough fabric scraps to use up.
Off to feed the dogs, cat, and chickens, then I might fall asleep, but not before we have the squid (calamari) John caught yesterday for dinner, that and a salad will be very nice, actually too much food after today's lovely lunch, but I did only have a salad and a bit of wine.
John came home with a sink full of fish yesterday, and not all Oscar fish so we will be having a fishy feed for most of the week. Very good for my arthritis, nothing nicer than freshly caught fish.

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