Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wild seas and a seal

Today John and I walked around the sheltered road at the bottom of the Bluff as it was so cold and windy, we havent had seas like this for a while, I had fun trying to catch the spray and where I took the first one a few minutes later around in about the same spot we saw a seal diving and rolling.
We came back for a coffee and there were these huge waves rolling in between Wright Island and the the land, I took the last one from the deck at Whalers where we had our coffee.
Then out to see Tabby she is getting huge and fed up and cant wait for Tuesday, nor can I as I am a little worried about her, she is only a few days off 40 which is a lot older than when she had Celina nearly 11 years ago, or is it over 11? I cant remember.

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