Saturday, November 03, 2007

Peacocks in the garden

I had fun doing a back and front view of the peacock who was displaying to a bush in the garden. They are quite stupid when it is mating season.
I also took a few photos of the gardedn some roses in particular, we have had 30 mm of rain overnight and it is fantastic, 70 mm since it started raining so a nice wet feel to the place although when I planted out a couple of callistemons that have been in pots for far too long the soil wasnt wet very far down. Shows how dry it has been, although our nbon wetting sands dont help.
I had a long tiring day yesterday doing the shopping and general tidying up and a bit the same today, I need to get on with some textiles stuff.

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ROZ said...

Oh, what charming photos. And you have such luck, growing beautiful artichokes.