Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tabby's 40th Birthday present

I nearly went cross eyed today making this for Tabby, I have had the beads for ages and should have made it up when I had more time, now its all go go.
I went in to see her and the baby who has had another name change so I am not saying what it is until they finally decide! Of course by the time John got home it was after 4 so all the children were there and the room was very full so I made a quick inspection, organised some flowers and came home again.
I know new mothers are supposed to have a teary day or so but I came home feeling a bit upset, this business of no car is getting on my wick, I get stuck out here, and vise versa when the other one has it.
I will try to get in and see her for a few minutes before I go to Adelaide tomorrow. It is the Craft fair and in some ways I probably shouldnt go but there are a couple of things I cant get except when it is on, I was aiming to get there really early and be gone by lunch time.

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Doreen G said...

Penny that is soooo beautiful--she is a lucky girl