Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sand hills at Normanville

There is a row of these sand hills along the beach at Normanville, my brother in law's ashes and those of their dogs are scattered up on them somewhere.
Fond me memories for all of us.
I have been flat out today watering as it is very hot, and trying to get organised to go away, it is only for 2 nights but I need to work out what I wear, there are two dinners, wandering around stuff, when I am on my own, stuff to take to do, etc etc.
I have just walked around the mares and turned off hoses and watered hanging pots.
I did have a bit of fun today doing one of the pieces in the Q A gifts, I have a friend who loves old lace etc so I have nearly finished a fabric cone by Ruth Rae, so simple to make it now needs the embellishing. I had been struggling to think about what to give her.
I will be back blogging I hope on Saturday.

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