Monday, November 12, 2007

TAST Pekinese stitch

You cant see this very well but I rather like these laced stitches. the top one is a single the next is using two backstitch rows, the next is using three and the last is two single rows laced together which creates quite a solid line of texture.
A busy day today, I did all the ironing, the fac that more stuff has landed in it tonight is not pleasing me, I havent got to the bottom of the basket in months.
We called in to a friend who gave us a present for the baby, over to the Doctor for routine check ups and as usual he was late, so a hurried salad roll overlooking the sea after 1.30.
Over to deliver the present, back to get grain and home finally by nearly 3.
So this is late and finally got done and up well after 8.30 p.m.
We are going to Pt Lincoln for 2 nights on Wednesday and I have to get stuff ready and I dont want to even think about it.

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Doreen G said...

Well done Penny --it's a great stitch isn't it.