Friday, November 30, 2007

New book and a Willy Wagtail

Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio had recomended this book by Valerie Campbell- Harding and Patricia Watts but said it was out of print, which it is but after two attempts on line to get it i finally found it at Amazon, I was trying to see if I could get it locally and thought I had but suddenly they didnt have it. I wish I had known earlier so I would have paid a bit less for it, by the time the other lot had told me it wasnt available the dollar had gone down. It is here now and I can see that it is going to be a valuable adjunct to my library.
John took the photo of the Willy Wagtail on its nest last night, they build such beautiful nests out of cobwebs and usually quite low on the end of a slim branch of a tree, this one is in the Metasequoia, a dawn redwood that I have had growing in the garden for about 40 years one of the first ones to be released here.


Lise said...

Hi Penny!
What a beatuful photo of the bird! I visit your blog quite often, and I'm enjoying both your textile work and your garden. I visited your part of Australia once, and that's a very good memory in my life.
Do you mind if a make a link to your blog on mine - which a made only 2 days ago!!
Regards Lise in a snowy Oslo

Anonymous said...

Pen your blog gives such joy and info I never knew they used cobwebsmthanks pad