Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last night at beading

I havent been to beading for ages and I know why, it costs me a fortune.
Any way I finished this which was good and it looks good which helps.
We had 10ml of rain overnight and it is quite cool and of course I now feel sleepy and not wanting to do much.
I suppose the fact that I have changed the sheets, washed, swept and dusted and mopped doesnt help!
I have just tried to make a pair or earrings and made a total botch of the whole thing so know I am tired. I bought some rather nice bits to make the kids necklaces for Christmas, so I have been working on those as well.
I have been trying to think what to take with me to do over the week end, we are supposed to do stuff, I may just sleep the way I feel at the moment.

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Doreen G said...

Very nice Penny-I know what you mean when you go to beading or a bead shop- money just flies out of the wallet.