Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the garden

The first photo is from my back door, the path to the shed and then through a gate to one garden and another gate to another.
the second one is of a white epyphytic cactus who I have had for years and years and never flowered, was moved when John was painting and obviously likes more shade than it was getting.
I have spent the last two days tidying this house how two people can make such a mess I dont know, and I havent even got into the work rooms.
A friend called in for an hour or so which was great, I have fed the dogs and put dinner on, but I havent painted for days and feel rather guilty.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a lovely shady garden and your cactus flowered too!
I have lots of cleaning up to do as our little grand-daughter is coming for Christmas and I'll put up some bling decorations too. I did six hours editing for a friend recently so dare I ask her to do six hours house-cleaning for me?