Monday, November 19, 2007

TAST 46 Chain Braid stitch

I think it is pretty obvious when I dont like a stitch because I dont do very much of it. This one kept falling off, going into knots. couldnt get the twist right, you name it. I really dont know if I did it correctly at all but I did have three goes at it.
Three tries and you are out!!
Hot in Adelaide, nice in Victor hot out here in the valley, I have been to Adelaide and back and dont feel very enthused about doing much.
I will go and sit with my feet up and sew on some beads.


Doreen G said...

At least you have attempted yours Penny--I have to go and try mine out after I finish this message.

verobirdie said...

lol, Sharon had warned us we would not be happy with this stitch. Mine isn't beautiful either. Though I think it will be great in some sort of doddle embroidery.