Sunday, November 18, 2007

Playing with 'stuff'

This is one of the bags from the new QA gifts magazine. I had fun playing around with it, finding all sorts of bits of lace and odds and ends. It only has one little pocket Ruth Rae who designed it suggests lots of little pockets for hidden things, a lovely idea. I think it will be a Christmas present and I would like to play around with the idea a bit more and make smaller ones to use as gift packaging.
John has gone fishing today and I am very tired as I took advantage of a quiet day at home and painted dolls and things. Amazing how long it all takes.
The pea hen who had chicks seems to have lost them and there are large pea cock feathers around so I dont know if it was a fox or Jake, I think Oscar is too much of a woos to try.
I will be in Adelaide tomorrow, 37 degrees and I dont look foreward to it but John has a meeting so it saves another car trip to see my mother.

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Doreen G said...

This looks great Penny---I must have a go at this one.