Thursday, November 08, 2007

Embellished Hearts

I havent quite finished these, I think they need some beads and fme but they were made using felt that had had transfer foil adhered to it, then cut out into the shapes, then using the embellisher I put various coloured organza on to them and then cut out the organza leaving this rather nice frill around the edge. I think I will use them for cards
I went up to the Craft and Quilt fair this morning just as it opened and there was room to move for a change. I got most things on my list and a few more. Just as well Dale wasnt there.
I came home and spent a quiet hour with Tabby and the baby which was what I needed, up until now it has all been a rush.
In the mail today was the very nice Indian print block I had ordered from Dale, it was much nicer than the others.


Doreen G said...

These are great Penny and should look good on cards.

Christine said...

Love the hearts, especially the little frill.
Good to see you yesterday at the quilt show