Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tyvek beads

John was fishing for most of yesterday and the weather was still cold and damp so after I had fed the ponies I came in to get more done on the bag I am making. It needed some beads so these are some of the Tyvek beads I made. They are great fun to make and very easy, painted tyvek, wrapped around a satay stick, glitzy thread around them to hold and then zapped with a heat gun. Very satisfying.
I also made some leaves and some machine made cord to use on the bag, now to find time to get it all together.
We had lovely fresh fish for dinner last night, but before I could draw any he had filleted them all.
Today I did mundane things like cleaning the house,(definetly in need of it!) although it is sunny outside so I sneaked out to cut back a few branches that have been obscuring the windows, now that the days are darker I need as much light in the house as I can get.
Yahoo is driving me nuts as I have not had any daily digests since Wednesday for Everyday Matters and Playways. Reading off the site is a pain.

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Nina said...

These beads are beautiful!!!!

(Nina from EDM)