Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Echidna in the scrub

This strange lookng thing is an Echidna or spiny anteater, he was crossing the road and I took his photo, it was amazing how fast he could move so was busily burying himself by the time I had the camera out. This one was taken in December while we were on Kangaroo Island but I was reminded of him when John came home yesterday to say he had seen one crossing the road not far from the house. he reported that this one was either very hairy (as well as spiny) or we were heading for a very cold winter. Some have more hair than others amongst the spines.
I have just done the just ofer 3 hour round trip to Adelaide and back to see my mother and feel very very tired. The traffic which is building up for Easter was heavy, although I went the long way through the hills which looked lovely, full of autumn colours and no where near the traffic if I had gone through the suburbs. For a change it was quicker too.
Bought a quiche and salad for my mother as the carers dont seem to vary her lunches very much and I think she gets bored with them. She seemed very well, not quite so vague today.
I usually go up when John has meetings in town but as I will be away for all of next week and didnt see her last week I thought I had better do it.
I go to Horsham on Easter Sunday and will be back on the following saturday.It is about a 4 hour drive so I hope there is very little traffic around. Looking foreward to it all.

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Vickie said...

Hi Penny, I'm an Expression villager and check your link now and again....Love seeing the son did a volunteer project at Hanson Bay on Kangaroo Island two years ago. He would go back to KI in a flash - he absolutely loves it. Visited up the east coast and he's made me love your beautiful.
Enjoy your blog, photos, projects, wildlife, everything. Take care,
Vickie in San Antonio