Saturday, April 15, 2006

Odds and ends from my sketchbook

These are definetly odds and ends, I sat the other night, tired and wondering what I could draw, looked around my sitting room and picked out a few things. I started with the Japanese tiger, given to us by the Mayor of Yatsuka village when he stayed with us. He looks most odd from the angle I drew him, all mouth as you really cant see his head. I went from there to the scales and added the table under them and then on around. It isnt very good but was a lot of fun to do.
Yesterday was wet and cold, we went to lunch at some friends adventure park which was closed for Good Friday, a lot of fun and chat but so wet that the only thing anyone did was some archery, John hadnt lost his skill learnt as a child with a huge New Guinea bow some one had brought back to his family home. I cant see well enough to line things up.
We came home and it was so cold we lit a fire. I unpicked the first bit of the knitting I am doing, I am not used to circular needles but have it underway properly now. The next challenge will be changing up a needle size.
I am also working on the ATC's I am doing, they look better now the larger piece of material has been cut up into smaller bits. Still a way to go with them.


mJ said...

No wonder I'm freeezing down
What ever is your way, usualy hit's us as well....
I love your last random sketchings...
should try something like that my self

take care driving

Sioux said...

What a wonderful journal page of your sitting room!

Teri C said...

Penny, what a neat thing to do! Very interesting too. I hear you talk about the cold weather and we are sweltering here in 90 degree (F) heat! Seems so odd but I know our seasons are opposite.

Tami said...


I like your simple little sketches, you are right, sometimes it is fun to just sit and draw our "stuff".