Monday, April 24, 2006

Olive grove and sunrise at Horsham

The sunrise I took on a very cold morning while I was walking at Horsham. The small pen and wash was done in the olive plantation at the college, not very good, I found it hard to find somewhere that gave some perspective, I was sitting under one of the olives only a few feet away. There were only about 6 or 8 trees in a row and it was very dark underneath them..
I am having trouble getting back into drawing and painting, I am so tired and my back has been killing me, so much to do at home before we leave for Queensland next week and I think I have some one staying on Sunday night, dont know how many or if it will happen but a bit of a nuisance as I have to get bedrooms clean and tidy and at the moment they are repositories for goodness knows what as well as think about feeding them.
Will have to wash floors tomorrow after this mornings exercise of de frosting the freezer, a terrible mess everywhere and I havent the energy to do any more,
a bit at a time at the moment is the way I am going.

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Linda said...

You sound worn out! :-)
One thing at a time ... you can do it. Sorry to hear about your back hurting, too.