Monday, April 03, 2006

I was weeding in the garden yesterday when I found these, I havent looked them up but I think they are arisaema japonica. I love the silver splotched leaves and the funky looking flowers. So in some came for me to draw. I used pen and ink and my watercolour pencils. I find I am having trouble seeing small differences, my eyes are in some sort of trouble and more than I had realised. On Saturday a friend and I went up early to Adelaide to go to the bead and gem show, we had a lot of fun, didnt buy much but its amazing how it mounted up. We then had lunch, a wander around Glenelg and then some galleries on the way home, very pleasant.

Yesterday John and I went into Victor for lunch and then a walk and I rescued a piece of driftwood that as it was very wet I stashed away and hope will be there when I get around to getting it home.

We went on to an opening of an art exhibition that a friend was having, she does some very interesting stuff, and then home a pleasant day but not much got done.


AnastasiaC said...

sweet illustration! glad u found the name of the flower/plant!! Im so hopeless with plant names LOL

Robyn said...

Sounds like a very pleasant and peaceful day, Penny and you have a lovely sketch to remember it.

Scratches & Scribbles

Teri C said...

What a great sketch! I have never seen anything like these and that makes it even more interesting.

Lin said...

Lovely, Penny!!! What a great day!

Sioux said...

Nice illustration. Sounds like some wonderful days!!

Alison said...

I especially love the vase - which course are you doing at Horsham? I am going to Orange (Sandra Meech)