Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Textile ATC's

These are nearly finished, I just need to buttonhole around the edge, 5 are going to The Thread Studio hopefully for the display and swap at Darling Harbor in June and 3 will go for the Stargaze Tome swap. I had a lot of fun with them, the bases are up a few days ago.
I am so tired, I dont know if I will ever get away, going away, coming back and off again is no fun. I have at least finished cleaning the house, floors washed today and the ironing all done.
I also managed to do a bit of cleaning up in the garden and potted on a few succulents. I have so many I thought I might have a go at selling some.
I was so tired yesterday after doing a thorough dust and vacuum I didnt even get to my blog.
Tomorrow we go to Adelaide to have hair cuts and see my mother, I have bought her a bottle of brandy so dont know if my sisters will yell at me or not. I have also got a few goodies for her. At 93 she has few enough pleasures and a small brandy and soda at night wont hurt.
I dont know when I will have time to sketch, I am feeling awfully guilty about it but the next few days are so full it could be a problem.
Hearing about what we are doing in Queensland I dont think I will get much of a rest there either.
Getting old is a pain.

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SCquiltaddict said...

great ATCs penny!!! Arent you the one that was in Cloth Paper Scissors???