Friday, April 28, 2006

Sketches from my journal

This is a page of sketches I did while in our basket making class in Horsham, we had various exercises to do and one was to arrange several collections of things we had brought into pleasing shapes and then sketch them. I did leaves, pinecones, the flower covers of a eucalypt and all the little things at the bottom are tiny sea shells called periwinckles.
I have had very little time to put anything up and remembered that we had done this.
Yesterday was Adelaide to have hair cuts and see my mother, she had forgotten about the brandy by the time I got home and rang her but had found it today.
Today my very pregnant pug bitch went off to a friend who always whelps them for me. I hope all is ok. Another friend came for lunch and we had fun chatting and I finished off my ATC's while she stuffed a doll. It rained last night so the garden is looking fresher, but lots of bright coloured leaves have fallen from the Glory vine.
Well off to make Tom Yum for dinner.


Linda said...

Interesting collection of objects! I think it is neat that you sketched in your basket making class. Be sure to post pic of the pug puppies!

Teri C said...

Penny, I also make baskets so I can relate to your wonderful materials here. Great little sketches.

Tami said...

Like you collection of "stuff" you sketched. Do post pictures of the pups!

Sioux said...

Love your journal page!!