Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pine trees

While I was feeding the ponies this morning I looked up when I got to a gate and saw the pine trees against the sky. I did a very hurried sketch of the outline in my sketch book that resides in the old Toyota tray top. When I got home I laid down the wash for the sky, it is so nice using the rough Arches watercolour paper as against the other stuff I use. Then came back to try to capture it, the darkness of the trees with a solid top, bits of sky showing through the trunks and the edges of the trees still flowing down, most of the trees have had their branches lopped prior to harvest. Some bits I messed up but felt relatively pleased with it.
I have at least got the paints out again and am having a go which after the last few days is something.
I am still getting over what ever virus attacked me, feel very tired but have so much to do I cant sit around and feel sorry for myself.
John has gone fishing so I am tring to finish off my fabric bag, it is taking longer than I had hoped.


Lin said...

NEAT PENNY!! And I never heard of a blue wren -- but his color is brilliant!! like our bluebirds!

Linda said...

Oh, you really captured the look of dark pines against a morning sky. Great variety of brush styles in this, too -- from wet to dry -- really nice!