Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Making a new material

I spent most of yesterday making up this material for a bag. I am not very good at bags but we will see what happens. On a base I placed torn strips of material and using stitches from my machine stitched it all down. As it looks a bit bright for what I want I have placed a piece of organza over it and when I get some light weight pellon, I hope this afternoon as I have to go into Victor, I will pin it all together and then do some random stitching on it before making the whole thing up. I have also been making some fabric beads so they may go on it as well.
I finished off one of the dolls last night, two more to do. I would like to try and make a small book cover as well before I go to Horsham but I may be running out of time.
Two new books arrived yesterday, Margaret Beal's, Fusing Fabric which looks great, and David Taylor and Ron Ranson's Solving the Mystery of Watercolour, a wonderful book but am I ever going to get time to do more watercolour?
We have had more rain and yesterday was freezing cold, maybe because I am stuffed up and have a headache, hope its some sort of allergy and not a wog. Still it is nice to be able to get out and not feel hot and bothered, but I am back in rubber boots again,


mw said...

That's really neat. You are multi-talented.

Sioux said...

Beautiful fabric. Please post the bag when you complete it

starr said...

Yummy fabric going on. Do post a pic of the bag when complete. How can it not be gorgeous??

Diane's Creations said...

I just love the fabrics you have chosen. Please put the bag up when you have completed it.