Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blue Wrens

This tiny pair of blue wrens were snuggled up tight when John took the photo and I had to blow it up so we could see them. We call them the flying mice as they are so tiny, generations upon generations have bred in my garden and you almost have to push them out of the way when I am weeding or digging as they are underfoot looking for grubs, they also love biscuit crumbs, but so does the dog.
Talking of dogs I picked up a small fluffly one the other night on my way to beading, on the road and not at all sure about things, brought her home and rang the number I found on her collar the next morning, they were a firm that grooms dogs but knew whose it was and a very relieved owner arrived on my door step yesterday morning, turned out to be some one I know.
Feeling very off today, vomited in the night and so one sick grand child and I felt off together.
My mother went to see the nursing home we are hoping to get her into today, and was surprisingly ok about the whole thing so my sister reported, of course it could be different another time, this was just to book her in, goodness knows when there will be a vacancy.
Still cold and wet, you would think it was winter already. Smelt nice outside tho, all damp and cool.
I did work out how to get the lining on the bag I am making, after I made a small prototype to see if it worked. The instructions were hopeless, so I am slowly getting that done. Will post a photo when I do finish it.


Sioux said...

Love the photo of the blue wrens. Our wrens are all brown and white. They are also usually tame like yours. Once at the gun club a wren kept going int and out of a tube right by the range! Silly bird. Also, when we are RVing they will often fly into the trailer! But the are sweet little things will beautiful songs.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Valerie said...

Penny I am praying for you, sounds like you have a lot going on with your mom and not feeling well. thank you for sharing the bird picture. I have never seen a blue finch before.

Terri said...

Too adorable. :o)